All of our bites are made by hand in small batches from the finest ingredients with no artificial preservatives.  They are dense, intensely flavored portion-controlled mouthfuls that come in a range of unique flavors, textures and appearances.  A small sampling of our flavors are provided below.


This is the recipe that started it all.  The golden oat bite is based on the ANZAC biscuit (or ANZAC cookies for Americans) which has won the hearts of Aussies all over the globe as their pseudo-national biscuit.  They were originally created by women during World War I as one of the only treats that could survive the long postal journey to their loved ones on the frontlines.  It's a unique mixture of golden syrup and oats that makes a chewy, gummy treat.  Try one of these and trust us - you will never reach for an oatmeal raisin cookie again!


My mate Christine sent me this mouth-watering recipe. There are few Aussie mums without a Choc caramel slice recipe in their repertoire, and this is one of the best! Consider them the chocolate chip cookie of the land down under. With a simple crunchy base, soft gooey caramel filling and a dark chocolate topping, it's a treat adored and craved by adults and kids alike




My cuz Sue who lives on a farm in rural Australia shared this recipe with me. She's a dynamic, unique and fun-loving lady that everyone wants around - and so is this slice.  Toasted almonds are sprinkled over a mixture of caramelized dates, poured over a simple cookie base.  Yummo!




Growing up we had many extended family gatherings to celebrate just about everything. They were never complete without a tray full of Auntie Joan's raspberry coconut slice. It starts with a tender shortcrust base, that is topped with a layer of rich raspberry jam and finished with crisp coconut crumble. It took some time, but we were finally able to replicate this sentimental crowd-pleaser. Just like my timeless and stylish auntie, it's a slice that never goes out of fashion.