The recipes, the unique ingredients and natural goodness that are in our bites are a transplant from the land down under.  All of our bites are based on traditional Australian 'slice' recipes.   There are few things more proudly Australian or ubiquitous than the slice.  These multi-generational treats are treasured from the outback to the oceans.  Family slice recipes that draw on natural and unique Australian ingredients are carefully guarded and handed down from generation to generation.  To Australians, slices in all their amazing and flavorful variations, are an integral part of childhood, backyard barbies, coffee with your best mates, or just about any type of celebration and all round good time.  They are happiness, nostalgia and natural homemade goodness all rolled up in a dense, flavor-packed portion-controlled bite of Australia.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!



Like our slices,  our founder is a transplant from the land down under. Andrea first landed in America 20 years ago and built a career in international development. She also met her husband, built a family, and continues to raise her four sons. Though Andrea loves her new country, she missed some of the 'yummo' treats that she enjoyed as a youth.  As her boys grew Andrea started taking some of her favourite slice recipes and baking them at home for her sons, their friends and their families.  The response was overwhelming.  She knew she needed to share these special treats, but in a way that did not only benefit taste buds, but that also helped serve those in our communities that are in need.  Boomerang Bites was born in 2017 to do just this.  Not only do these delectable fresh-baked treats offer a slice of Australia, but a meaningful portion of profits from all sales are donated back to local charities.  We like to think of them as the great aussie treat that gives.  And that's why we called them boomerang bites - because giving is just like a boomerang..........it always returns.


Our mission

Our mission is simple, and central to everything we do  - be good, do good.  After decades of working in under-privileged communities across the globe - from slums in Mumbai, to remote Australian aboriginal communities, to war-torn villages in Sarajevo -  Andrea has seen first hand how local people can make a difference.  Boomerang Bites was created not only to be good, but to do good, by supporting local causes.  Out of every dollar profit we earn, we donate 20-50 cents to local charities selected by you and your local cafe owner.