Our Story

We are an artisanal bakery on a social mission! We hand-bake bite-sized, all-natural sweet baked goods based on traditional Aussie ‘slice’ recipes. Don’t know what a slice is? A national favorite treasured by Aussies everywhere they are a bit like brownies (only better) … and in a billion flavors. We love sharing the delicious goodness of these unique and flavor-filled recipes — delighting your taste buds while helping our communities by donating a portion of every sale.

Our Founder

Our Mission

Our mission is simple and central to everything we do.

Be Good. Do Good.

BE GOOD. This means much more than making the best, yummiest bites with the finest natural ingredients. It’s also how we do business. We believe in treating everyone with respect and care — our customers, our suppliers, our café partners and our employees. They are fundamental to how and why we do business and integral to our success.

DO GOOD. This is our fuel. It’s why we started our company. We believe that business can and should be a catalyst for good — giving back to our communities and our planet. At Boomerang Bites we believe that when you send out goodness, it comes right back. We donate at least ten percent of our profits, mostly to educational causes. Access to education changed our lives and we want to change the lives of others. In the words of our hero Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”